fix api

  • FSC DMA FIX/API adheres to the standard of Financial Information Exchange (FIX) for the industry. It provides Direct Market Access (DMA) to various market destinations for fast and seamless order execution and validation without compromizing latency.
  • Because our DMA FIX is collocated within the exchanges’ data center, you benefit by cutting time and cost in setting up connections to multiple venue options by just connecting to FSC system.
FSC FIX/API solution allows you to:
  • Send orders directly to NASDAQ
  • Send orders via FSC private dark fiber connections to NYSE, DirectEDGE, CBSX, and BATS
  • Access 100+ market destinations via FSC infrastructure
  • Submit advanced order types

In addition, you may build your own trading applications in Excel (using DDE or ActiveX), C++, Posix C++, Java, and Visual Basic for ActiveX The FSC API connects through FSC Pro software and does not require additional technical overhead such as a dedicated FIX server.

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