fsc management

  • Our Trading software lets managers and traders easily track all activity in a trading account. Users will have access to a complete back office management system that allows desk managers and traders the capability to perform on the fly updates and risk monitoring. Our trading platform tie into the back office solution. Create IDs, commission schedules, buying power figures and permission sin real time. In addition keep track of trader profit and loss also in real-time.
  • Risk Management :
  • Our trading platforms have been designed with the professional trader in mind.
  • All of our trading platform are designed for financial institution and individual investors with risk management tools to send its orders or omnibus orders to its broker’s or clearing firm.
  • Real-time monitoring systems help you understand and manage your own trading risk at any moment of the day so you can react quickly to changes in the market.
  • Real-time margining continuously enforces limits for each account; you can liquidate positions if any individual account violates its limits at any time.
  • Enables foreign and domestic entities the ability to place real-time orders to the US and global equity markets via secured order entry connections.
  • Monitor all transactions, pre-trade risk management.
  • FSC also offers a post trade reporting tools to properly record trading historical information and portfolio management.
  • A real-time risk monitor for each authorized account.
  • Ability to view each authorized account, and see the detail in each account.
  • Ability to create customized risk monitors for all authorized accounts.
  • Advanced Functionality
  • Fully FIX Compliant
  • Real-time Market Data
  • And more…

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