fsc pro

FSC pro
  • FSC Pro is our principal desktop trading software with direct access order routing, advanced order types, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment.
  • The interface is simple, intuitive, and interactive. You can trade stocks, options and futures from a single screen or choose the multiple screens mode.
  • The platform works by importing the execution, buying power and position data from any trading platform and/or clearing firm’s data.
FSC Pro key features:
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    Portfolio Management
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    Collocated Order Executions
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    Low latency Execution + Level II
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    Direct Access Order Routing
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    Place Stop and Target at once
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    Real-Time Account Mgmt.
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    Multiple Monitors Support
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    Advanced Charting
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    Multiple Stop Types
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FSC Pro interface includes:
  • Customizable options chains – you can select multiple lines in your chain and automatically send the matching strategy to your order entry window. You can also link your chains to stock quotes, level II options quotes, and options prints (time and sales).
  • Complex Order Entry (COE) window – receives This enables you to quickly and straightforwardly select, stage, and send your complex options strategy orders by receiving multiple lines directly from the options chain.
  • Executions window – allows you to see the margin requirements on open orders and trades in each underlying security, monitor all trades broken down by i ndividual fill and manually hedge your positions and strategies.
  • Options Level II quotes – provides you with real-time quote feeds from all the major exchanges, data on buyers and sellers in the market, integrated time and sales, positions and Greeks bars, order ticket and offers insight into potential points of resistance and support. This feature is a must for options scalping strategy.

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